The Maison des Mémoires museum in Septfonds
Located in the heart of the Septfonds bastide, La Mounière offers you three captivating stories that have marked the history of the fortified town, about:

Straw hat production: The emergence of a flourishing industry

Aviation: The life of the hero Dieudonné Costes

1939 – 1945: The Judes camp and the policy of interning foreigners who were considered to be undesirable

Three aspects of local history involving both personal and national themes, that each tell us something about ourselves and raise issues we all need to think about.

Beyond what we can learn, a visit to La Mounière is first and foremost an encounter with bygone lives that immerses us in a fantastic story. So, are you interested in discovering new things? Come and experience a fascinating visit to La Mounière, by combining it with a hike, a walk, a concert, or a hands-on activity.

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Two promenades have been devised to help visitors understand the history of Septfonds: the first focuses on the architecture shaped by the hat making industry, while the other takes in remembrance sites related to the conflicts of the 20th century.

The beautiful houses made of Septfonds stone from nearby quarries or from bricks, bear witness to the wealth of the hat makers who made their fortunes in the 19 th and 20th centuries. They now proudly represent the emblematic heritage of the original hat making town centre, This walk can be completed by a visit to Caussade, another hat making town with a common history.

The refugees arrived at the Borredon railway station and walked 8km to the Judes internment camp. The promenade also takes in the Spanish cemetery, a memorial to deported Jews, a Polish oratory, the war memorial and the commune’s cemetery. These remembrance promenades are enriched by historical places and works of art reflecting the supportive reaction of the inhabitants and their institutions – church, municipality – towards the refugees.

All the panels, multimedia content and the digital application “Septfonds, a camp, memories” are translated into Spanish and English.

Médiation humaine - Crédits : Hervé Leclair - Aspheries
La cour - Crédits : Hervé Leclair - Aspheries
Centre de ressources - Crédits : Hervé Leclair - Aspheries
La cour - Crédits : Hervé Leclair - Aspheries


In February 1939, the authorities assigned a plot of land known as Judes to set up an internment camp for the Spanish Republican refugees, who were considered to be “undesirable foreigners”. Initially planned to last only a few months, the detainees in the camp were only liberated by the Resistance forces in August 1944. During this period, people from different countries and with different destinies followed each other or co-existed in the camp. Students, business professionals, witnesses, local residents and historians came together to breathe life into the fictional characters who embody these memories.

Listen to the fictional programme, “Passing through, an historical account”, let yourself be guided story by story on this Remembrance site through the imaginary adventures inspired by what actually happened in the camp and the 9 main characters.



La Mounière
15, rue des déportés
e-mail: lamouniere@septfonds.fr
Tel: +33 (0)6 70 36 86 90


May June and September : Wednesday and Saturday 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm, and by reservation
July / August: Wednesday to Sunday 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm
October to May: by reservation


Standard price: 4 €
Reduced rates: students, pensioners, job seekers, children under 12, unaccompanied groups (from 10 people or more): 3 €/per person
Children under 6: free
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